Community Celebrates Efforts to End Anti-Muslim Discrimination

The IUPUI Religious Studies Department hosted the culminating event of the Community Competition to Prevent Islamophobia today. The presentations are summarized in this PowerPoint. Participants included Amy Guess and Kate Grabowski of Candles Holocaust Museum, Sajjad Jawad of Catholic Charities, Amina Dalal of the Islamic Society of North America’s youth community, Umaymah Mohammad and Ahmed Abbas of the Muslim Youth Collective, and Kristopher Steege and Hadeiyah Ameen of the Islamic Folklore Theater project for children. The keynote address was given by Dr. Hatem Bazian, who explored the roots of Islamophobia as an ideological tool used to justify global power disparities and hierarchies. Participants also had time to network informally with one another and have lunch together.

Dr. Edward Curtis, the organizer of the event, with keynote speaker and Islamophobia studies scholar Dr. Hatem Bazian